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Our Aim and Devotion to Organic Farming Each year, we aim to improve our ways of working, to produce high quality Organic Christmas Trees, using methods that reduce Carbon Footprint and benefit the whole Ecosystem, from people to Planet. No other defined system of farming comes close to delivering so many benefits for wildlife, society and the natural world. We work to a strict set of standards, which must legally comply with strict UK regulation, to ensure that we sustain the health of: Soils Ecosystems Animals People These standards are built on the key principles of Organic agriculture: Health Ecology Care Fairness We are audited once a year, by a certification body, which allows us to legally grow and market Organic Christmas Trees. This means, when you see the Organic symbol, you can trust these Organic Christmas Trees have been grown in a way that is better for people, animals and wildlife, and respects the natural environment. Since we started growing in 2013, we have made the following changes: 2022: When we tag the trees for sale, we have moved from plastic tags to tying jute string on a branch. Keeping everything natural and should it come off, it will degrade back into Mother Nature. Just perfect!! We will be reusing all our marketing accessories from last year. We make sure we look after them, to keep reusing. We have even been collecting second hand tree stands for marketing our Organic Trees. We are moving to OXO-Biodegradable Tree Netting - This is from a UK supplier and can be placed into your own Compost Bin or Organic Recycling Bins. 2021, we made a real conscious effort within our processes and achieved the below: We will be using swing tag packaging for our trees, which is made of FSC card and tied with jute string from sustainable suppliers. We changed our tree netting to biodegradable netting. We also stopped our nationwide delivery process due to the additional carbon footprint being made and plastic shrink wrap being used that is requested to be used by the courier. On our marketed Organic Trees, they have been decorated with natural decorations of wood, glass, feathers and paper chains. From 2020 - We have started to make our own Organic compost, to help the Organic Trees get established in their early years. Everything is recycled and reused where ever possible. From 2018 - We have limited the amount of times we strim around the smaller trees to help mother nature thrive around them and create natural habitats for all creatures great and small. From 2015: We stopped using weed control membrane on the ground and moved to biodegradable mats with wooden stakes. We stopped Strimming all areas around the trees, which was very time consuming, using more fuel. Moved to very small second hand tractor, that covered a larger area and radically reduced time and fuel. and…… we WILL keep reviewing our processes to ensure we make the environment a priority and we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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Fresh!!! You really taste the difference. Organic veg and a chance to also get local sourdough bread, honey, apples, cider vinegar, etc. Flexible ordering and very responsive farm team. The veg box is a highlight of the week!

— Douglas

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