Red Earth Ferments

Red Earth Ferments

Rose Whitehouse has been fermenting food for over a decade in order to heal and improve her gut health after a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. Although she initially started her fermenting journey to make positive choices for her own wellbeing, she's also found that fermenting food helped to draw attention to the food chain. She believes fermenting connects us and draws attention to the life that is in/on food. This also helps us consider where food comes from. Rose produces kimchi and sauerkraut. Red Earth's ferments are made by hand in small batches, with the vegetables being sourced as locally as possible. Batches adjust in flavour and ingredients according to the seasons.

Fresh!!! You really taste the difference. Organic veg and a chance to also get local sourdough bread, honey, apples, cider vinegar, etc. Flexible ordering and very responsive farm team. The veg box is a highlight of the week!

— Douglas

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