Good Game

Good Game

Everything we do is by hand, like true artisans. We have a range that we cure using only salt and natural Exe and Clyst Valley air in these we use no nitrates or nitrites. We also have a range made in the traditional fashion with a minimal amount of nitrite. We do it the traditional old fashioned way. Like true Artisans in the correct sense of the word. Good Game supports local producers. We have our own pigs at a farm on the Powderham Estate and we also buy pigs from friends who have native breed pigs locally. Our game is either shot by us or local Devon folk we know. We buy sundries and kit from from MK Ingredients in Devon who are a local family business. Where possible we get spices from one of the Devon producers or a small specialist importer who has direct contact with growers and can ensure quality levels. We are true artisans and very proud of what we do. Our mission is to make the best tasting game and cured meat in the world. We have a long way to go to beat the likes of Iberico but the journey has started. From our small facilities in Topsham and the Clyst Valley, we use traditional simple methods to make great food, we look to the Italians for inspiration and more natural methods. Our signature sausage is a Venison Salami and a firm favorite is our naturally air dried Coppa Ham. We make tasty cooking sausages from game and exciting pork sausage like: Chorizo, Black Pudding and Spicy Italian. Pete, Jim and Steve have been working with food and experimenting with curing for years but now it’s time to change gear and we welcome Good Game. The venture was first conceived to a sound track of Tom Jones in the early naughties when the 3 founders were on a road trip from Topsham to Morocco in a £100 Cavalier. Now with years of practice and trials, Good Game is ready to share its fine produce. If you want to know what you are eating, and you should, Good Game is the choice.

Fresh!!! You really taste the difference. Organic veg and a chance to also get local sourdough bread, honey, apples, cider vinegar, etc. Flexible ordering and very responsive farm team. The veg box is a highlight of the week!

— Douglas

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