Exeter Farmer's Market - Thursday 25th March

Exeter Farmer’s Market: Update

We will be at Exeter Farmer’s Market tomorrow Thursday 25th March 8am-2pm. The council are keeping the market open as it is an essential part of our food supply system and an alternative to the supermarkets.

There will be a number of changes to our stall to keep our staff and customers safe.

  • The stall will be served rather than the usual help-yourself system. We will have additional staff on hand to minimise waiting times.
  • We will ask customers to queue/wait on the South Street side of our stall. There is plenty of outdoor space here so please spread out and respect the 2m distancing measures.
  • When you are called forward, please come to the counter with your list ready prepared so that we can get your order ready as quickly as possible. You can still bring your own bags. We will hand your order to you in a basket and you will be asked to move away from the stall to pack it away before returning the basket to us.
  • We will endeavour to maintain stock levels throughout the day so there is no need to rush in the morning. We hope not to have to do this, but we may limit order sizes to maintain stock levels.

Please let others know if they don’t have internet/social media access and thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this difficult time. Thank goodness for the sunshine!