Winter is Here homeschooling 10.15- 12.15 ( 8 weeks 1st Feb- 29th March 2019)

Friday, 25 January, 2019 - 10:15


Home schooled children 8 Firdays between (1st Feb , 8th Feb, 15th Feb, 1st March, 8th March-  15th March - 22nd March -29th March) With half term week off

Time: 10.15-12.15

This 8-week learning group will focus on three elements:

Natural art, through the arts we will learn about trees (evergreens and deciduous), the soil, and wild life. We will use materials like clay, natural paint, and other natural resources from around the farm to create pictures, prints, and sculptures. We will also work together on a Farm School scarecrow project using sweetcorn stalks, straw, and recycled clothes.

Cooking and creating delicious recipes using winter vegetables and using seasonal produce. We will also practice lighting fires using our stored wood, branches.

Growing and science

Sowing and planting early spring crops: flowers, leaf Beet, true Spinach, parsley, chives, dill, cucumber and courgettes

Maintaining and decorating the site, creating signs, and creating new no dig beds.

Explore water sources around the farm and discuss water cycle.

Fresh vegetables and fruit snacks will be provided depeneding on availability. Group is not running week starting 18th February. Number of bookings available per group is 8 for a maximum 1:1 attention. 

Please make sure you have filled a form for your child and that you have read our handbook before starting date, those will be communicated to you by e mail post booking.

For any enquiries please contact Fatma at


There are no Preschooler Events planned at this moment in time.