'The Winter is Coming' Friday mornings (homeschooling) Nov 2nd-Dec 14th

Friday, 2 November, 2018 - 10:15

During 'The Winter is Coming' 7-week course, children will be celebrating the advent of Winter, witnessing the shades of green withdrawing and explore wild life and how it prepares for the cold weather. 

​Children will go on exploration walks around the farm, spot wild life, harvest and taste different Winter crops, look after farm school chickens, and much more:

·         Planting Trees, winter oriental salad, pak choi, eary broad beans and flowers for the spring

·         Carry on harvesting tomatoes, kale, chard, beetroot, winter salad and last but not least the forgotten Christmas fruit medlars.

·         Carry on seed saving, and protect the soil by covering with compost

·         Harvesting winter crop, leeks, cauliflowers, cabbages, purple sprouting broccoli, and red/ white cabbage.

·         Digging a mini pond in the polytunnel

·         Making home/ shelter and provide extra food for wildlife

·         Making Winter crafts using twigs and hedge plants

·         Looking after our chickens and keep them safe

·         Explore different ways of preserving food, cooking, fermentation, and drying.

Snacks of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables will be offered to the children, hot drinks available for parents/ carers. Children will also harvest, prepare and cook a Winter nourishing meal to share on the last session.

There are no Preschooler Events planned at this moment in time.