Shillingford Organics Farm School

For Farm School and Event enquiries please contact Fatma: 
Mobile: 07517 153293
Email: Farm School or Farm Events Enquiries


Farm School Story and mission

Fatma Sabet supported by Martyn Bragg started Farm School in Shillingford Organics in December 2015 with the aim to reconnect the local community with the soil and the countryside, and the mission to grow an environmentally responsible generation; promoting a healthier and more sustainable food culture that is both good for us people and our planet.

Farm School is now an educational social enterprise (CIC) and has a team of directors and parents, all passionate about children’s education and a sustainable future for all.  

Our Site

We are very lucky to be in the heart of the organically run Shillingford Organics Farm, a great model to learn from, a haven for wildlife and a variety of habitats endowed with beautiful red fertile hilly fields.

Farm School is a South-facing child-run mini farm within a safe environment with a number of growing beds, two polytunnels, a conservatory, a chicken run and soon an outdoor kitchen. We also run and enjoy access to:

  • A forest garden where children learn about the natural 7-layer of edible forests
  • A herb garden to manage and learn about different native herbs and their medicinal purposes
  • An orchard with many varieties of apples, pears and plums
  • A woodland of native trees lined with a fresh water stream


Most of our site maintenance and community events are managed and run thanks to volunteers and Farm School directors’ generous time commitments, passion and skills.

How we achieve our mission

1. Farm School Educational Groups

Farm School runs weekly afterschool clubs for primary age children (April- November), pre-school groups in the morning, and home-schooling days across the seasons. Through our educational groups we aim to help children develop a sense of curiosity and gain the skills they need by running their own mini farm to establish a life-long relationship with our land, based both on harmony and gratitude.

During these groups, children are engaged in fun, hands on, farming activities. These vary from soil preparation, composting, sowing, to caring for and tending on plants, harvesting, cooking and sharing their own crops. At farm School we believe in the interconnectedness of everything in nature, where learning goes beyond food to a much bigger eco system made up of micro-organisms, and wildlife.

To ensure inclusivity, our pricing policy is to go for the lowest rates in comparison with other similar land-based educational activities with similar number ratios, each group runs with a maximum of 8 children. Our current rate is £4.5/hr

2. Farm School community events

Farm School runs a number of annual community events where people adults and children are invited to be a part of the farm life for a day, activities on these days range from sowing, planting, to harvesting and cooking healthy, and sustainable food. Booking is essential for our community events for a small charge to help us cover costs. Healthy, plant- based organic lunch is always available on the day, also for a minimum charge of £3/person to cover ingredients costs (a seasonal soup, served with freshly picked salad, and local bread). We use fresh produce from the farm, Emma’s Bread, and other ethically sourced ingredients. On our events we work closely with environmental organisations and local businesses to promote ethical and responsible living for all, please get in touch if you would like to join us in any of our events.

3. Farm School outreach

We like to meet like-minded people, and so we often take part in community organised events, and local school fairs to promote health and sustainability. So, please get in touch if you would like us to join your community event.

4. School trips

We have hosted a number of successful school trips where children learn about the seasons, food, wildlife and nature. We offer a veirety of programs and can tailor activities according to the groups’ curricular needs. Please get in touch for details.

5. Birthday celebrations

We run farm themed, natural, environmentally friendly and completely sugar free parties - for further details please contact us on:

Mobile: 07517 153293
Email: Farm School or Farm Events Enquiries