Kale - The Wonder Veg

As much Kale as you like (any type)
Knob of butter or a splash of Olive Oil
Pinch of Salt (if using Olive Oil or Unsalted Butter)
  1. Wash and chop kale, if you do not want to use the stalks it is easy to grab hold of it and pull down through to remove the leafy part. If you would like to use the stallk too you can do the same thing and chop the stalks into small peices. 
  2. Chop the kale leaves as thinly or as chunky as you prefer
  3. Heat the butter or oil in a deep pan, add the kale and cook quite quickly on a medium heat for a few minutes or longer if you prefer.
  4. Season as you wish and serve.



Wash and chop the kale, pop into a pan on a wam heat and allow to wilt down, add a little butter and seasoning if desired and serve.

At Shillingford the Team have this for breakfast with an egg on toast, using all types of kale and they all taste slightly different, the Red Russian Kale is very sweet, but all varieties are equally as tasty.

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Team Shillingford

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