Harvest Season- after school club - For children aged 3-11 on 18th Sep- 23rd Oct 2020 between 16.30-18.30

Friday, 18 September, 2020 - 16:30

Harvest Season

Who are our groups aimed for?

All children 3- 11 (younger children are welcome supported by a parent/ carer). Adults of children aged 5 or over are welcome to join in the session but can drop off and pick up their children at the end of the session.

What are the course dates and times?  

Throughout 6 weeks (6 sessions on Friday afternoons) 18th, 25th September, 2nd, 9th and 16th and 23rd October​ from 16.30-18.30.

What are Farm School groups like?

At Farm School, we co-design and follow a scheme of work based on the seasons and a child-led pedagogy that focuses on the discovery, and capitalises on the senses, logical as well as intuitive reasoning. Our activities involve the hands, hearts, and heads, and revolve around food and personal health in particular and understanding and looking after nature and the environment in general.

What will we be doing during the Harvest Season?

Children will be reaping the crop of a glorious season, identifying, tasting different fruits and vegetables. As well as tasting freshly picked wild and grown fruit, herbs, and vegetables for snacks every week, children will harvest, prepare, and cook a harvest season feast to share in the last session.

  • Harvesting and cooking 
  1. Different varieties of Heirloom English apples (Discovery, Sunset, and Adams Pearmain.
  2. Farm School crops of tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, raspberries, pears, courgettes, and much more.
  3. Corn on the cob
  • Soil serving and growing
  1. Winter salads
  2. Covering the soil and making compost
  3. Planting trees ( vines, figs and mulberry)
  • Making and discovering
  1. Making apple cider vinegar
  2. Making rich herbal balm for dry lips.
  3. Making squash butter and discovering different varieties.

What do I need to bring?

Packing extra snacks, water bottles, appropriate clothing, and sun cream if required. In light of COVID-19, we would like you to bring your own reusable cup, bowl, and cutlery please and a bag/box to take it home to wash.

Who is leading my group?

Fatma Sabet

I started Farm School in the spring, 2016 where I use food as a context for children to grow first-hand knowledge of plants and the environment. As well as leading Farm School groups and community events for adults and children, I worked part-time simultaneously with Shillingford Organics growers for 1.5 years, this has enabled me to gain the horticultural knowledge necessary to develop Farm School educational program, which continues to evolve as Farm School groups grow older and bigger. I am also halfway through a Biodynamic training course at Ruskin Mill Trust which enables me to gain a different perspective on food growing and education. As well as running Farm School groups with Farm School leaders on weekends, I am currently doing a Ph.D. in Food Education. My dream is to grow our learning community of young children and adults for a healthier and more sustainable future of food, where it is no more a commodity, but sustenance for us people, and our planet.

What have we done to reassure you during Covid-19?

1. We manage capacity

As always, we limit our capacity to 10 bookable spaces maximum per group (one or two children maximum can book accompanied by one adult only) which is a maximum of 20 adults and children at one time.

2. We run courses for the same group of people every week

Each course will have the same group at the same allotted time each week for the whole 6-week half term. Spaces are available for booking, one space per child, adults don’t need to book.

3. We facilitate distancing by being outdoors in a large natural site and also by:

  1. Using our newly built and floored open shelter with spaced out benches and work surfaces with wipeable tops to allow enough space for each family. 
  2. Providing a disinfectant hand gel on-site, and using two spaced out handwash sinks in addition to a double washing up sink.
  3. Being mindful while planning for our sessions to spread participants out at work areas (weeding in separate beds, cooking and food preparation on different work surfaces, and harvesting from different plants, or alternating the tasks, for example).

What do we expect of you?

  1. Book your course well in advance (a maximum of two children and one adult per family).
  2. Carefully read our handbook, and Covid-19 policy, and return booking forms by email before the start of the course, both will be sent out in a welcome email upon booking.
  3. Stay at home if you or anyone in your household displays symptoms of Covid-19.
  4. Respect Social distancing by following the guidelines in our handbook and the group leaders’ instructions.
  5. Bring your own gloves, bowls, water bottles/ flasks, and cutlery. 

Have you got any questions for us?

Please don’t hesitate to either

  • Email us at:


  •  Or text us on: Bronwen: 07816398667  Fatma:07517153293
  • Or message us on our Shillingford Organics Farm School FB. Page here:


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