Miracle Catchers Friday mornings - For children aged 3-10 between 17th April -15th May 2020 (10.30-12.30)

Friday, 17 April, 2020 - 10:30

All children 3- 10 (younger children are welcome supported by their parents). Adults of children aged 5 or over, are encouraged to join in the session, however, they can drop off and pick up their children alternatively.

Miracle Catchers

Course Dates and Times

Throughout 6 weeks (6 sessions on Fridays) 17, 24th April and 1, 8, 15th & 22nd May 2020, 

Miracle Catchers Tuesdays from 10.30pm to 12.30pm

Course Content

Farm School leaders design and follow a scheme of work based on the seasons and a child-led pedagogy that focuses on discovery using the senses, logical as well as intuitive reasoning. Our activities involve the hands, hearts and heads, and revolve around nature, food and the seasons.

Children will be celebrating the miracles of the spring while exploring, identifying, tasting different edible shoots, and bursting buds with new leaves.

Children will be sowing and planting summer crops in our protected area in the polytunnel and in our outdoor growing beds.

Children will learn about the hungry gap and learn to fill it with wild and seasonal abundance.

​Children will go on climate walks around the farm and experience how our changing climate is impacting farm land and the environment.

Children will go on tree walks and learn about the role of trees in farm land and identify different trees from their shape, buds and leaves.

As well as tasting freshly picked wild and grown leaves, shoots, herbs and vegetables for snacks every week, children will harvest, prepare and cook a spring feast to share on the last session.

Packing extra snacks, water bottles, appropriate clothing and sun cream is required. Hot drinks will be provided for parents/carers on a self-service basis. For any enquiries please contact us on:


Course leader - David Parry

My love for working on the land led to me to take on an agricultural apprenticeship at Ruskin Mill College in Stroud from 2012 to 2014. After this I went to South America to work on family farms in Argentina and Peru mainly focusing on their vegetable production. Since February 2016 I have been part of the growing team at Shillingford Organics and now I hope to bring my enthusiasm for the land to Farm School.’

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