Herbs & Bees - Children's booking 3+ (lunch included)

Sunday, 2 June, 2019 - 10:30

Nothing can be more exciting than herbs to fill our hungry gap. Herbs are a powerful remedy, a sensational adventure, and an ingeredient that can revolutionise anyone's culinary skills. June, is a high time for herbs harvest. Join us on our Herbs Community Day to experiment with and explore medicinal and culinary uses of local, seasonal and less common herbs. On the day we will:

  • Pick, identify and cook with different seasonal herbs 
  • Learn about the bees in Shillingford Organics Farm with Cathy Mudge from Exeter Beekerts (suits will be available on the day)
  • Get creative and prepare a 'herbful' lunch to share,
  • learn how to make traditional herb salts and herbal remedies to use at home,
  • Learn how to grow herbs from cuttings 
  • Natural balm making demonstration.

Booking fee for this event includes organic lunch made and shared by the community on the day. There will be local and organic cake and refreshmens available for an extra small charge.

There are no Preschooler Events planned at this moment in time.