'Winter is Coming' Wednesday mornings (preschoolers) Oct 30th - Dec 4th 2019 (10.30-12.30)

Wednesday, 30 October, 2019 - 10:30

For preschool children (supported by their parents). 

'Winter is Coming'    


Course Content

‘Winter is Coming’ 6 weeks (30th Oct, 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Nov and 4th Dec 2019)

Who said children should be cooped up in the Winter?! Our Farm School ‘Winter is Coming’ half term groups are all about getting out in nature, experiencing different weather elements first hand, getting ready for the Winter and learning how growers store winter crops. We will observe the soil and plants, the transformation they undergo and learn how to protect them. Finally we will experiment with different crops learning how to nourish our bodies using seasonal food!

Throughout 6 weeks we will be:

Caring and growing as we:

-plant trees 

-sow overwinter beans and carrots

-mulch and replenish the soil in our growing area ready for the new season.

-harvest winter vegetables (kale, brussel sprouts, cabbages and leeks)

-harvest and test conference pears as well as the forgotten british Christmas treat - the medlars!

-go on a wildlife walk to discover how nature sustains birds and insects this time of year

Cooking and nourishing as we:

-make kale crisps on the fire and our own probiotic rich sourkraut!

- make green tomato chutney

- harvest and cook a seasonal, healthy meal to share

Creating and making as we:

- harvest and dry herbs to make air purifying incense sticks

- make willow wreaths using natural materials for the festive season

-make an art project (scarecrow family) using corn stalks

-rainbow using seeds to collect from around the farm


Children will look after the Farm School chickens, visit and maintain our forest and herb gardens and learn about wildlife and the exciting perennials thriving there.

As well as cooking or preparing fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks every week, children will harvest, prepare and cook a feast to share on the last session.

Packing extra snacks, water bottles, appropriate clothing and sun cream is required.

Hot drinks are be available for parents/carers on a self-service basis.

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Course leader: Jenny Amesbury

Jenny is a qualified nursery and primary school teacher who is excited about sharing her passion for growing food with young children and their families. She is completing a Master’s Degree in Diet, Nutrition and Health with a focus on Child Nutrition and believes that Farm School is the perfect setting to develop positive relationships with wholesome food and creating connections with the land.

She has been a volunteer at our community events for a number of years, although you may not have seen her for a while as she has been working in a kindergarten in Finland. Here she saw first-hand how beneficial outdoor activities are for learning and also for fostering a love and an appreciation of the natural world.

She loves to be outdoors and enjoys wild swimming, cycling, allotmenting and exploring Dartmoor with her two young daughters.

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