Harvest Season Friday Home-schooling mornings (27th Sept - 18th Oct 2019/ 10.15-12.15)

Friday, 20 September, 2019 - 10:15

All children aged 5-11 and their parents/ carers (younger children are welcome supported by their parents/ carers). 




Course dates and times:

Throughout 4 weeks (4 sessions on Fridays)  27th Sept, 4th, 11th, 18 Oct 2019, Harvest Season group will run Friday Mornings between 10.15-12.15

Course content

Farm School leaders design and follow a scheme of work based on the seasons and a child-led pedagogy that focuses on discovery using the senses, logical as well as intuitive reasoning. Our activities involve the hands, hearts and heads, and revolve around nature, food and the seasons.

Children will be celebrating the abundance of the harvest season while exploring, identifying, tasting different heirloom English apple and squash varieties, learning about fermentation through making apple cider vinegar.

Children will harvest main crop onions, potatoes, kales, tomatoes, melon, Autumn Bliss raspberries and learn about plant cycles.

Children will learn how to save seeds, and how to preserve vegetables, flowers and herbs through fermentation and drying.

​Children will go on exploration walks around the farm, autumn blossom hunt, and learn about food and its seasonality

Children will look after Farm School chickens, visit and maintain our forest and herb gardens and learn about wildlife and the exciting perennials thriving there.

As well as cooking or preparing fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks every week, children will harvest, prepare and cook an autumn feast to share on the last session.

Packing extra snacks, water bottles, appropriate clothing and sun cream is required. Hot drinks are be available for parents/carers on a self-service basis. For any enquiries please contact us on:



Course Leader Fatma Sabet

I started Farm School in the spring, 2016 where I use food as context for children to grow first-hand knowledge of plants and the environment. As well as leading Farm School groups and community events for adults and children, I worked part time simultaneously with Shillingford Organics growers for 1.5 years, this has enabled me to gain the horticultural knowledge necessary to develop Farm School educational program, which continues to evolve as Farm School groups grow older and bigger. I am also half way through a Biodynamic training course at Ruskin Mill Trust which enables me to gain a different perspective on food growing and education. As well as continue running Farm School groups with Farm School leaders in September 2019, I am starting a PhD which focuses on the potential of food education to change primary school food culture. My dream is to grow our learning community of young children and adults for a healthier and more sustainable future of food, where it is no more a commodity, but sustenance for us people, and our planet.

There are no Preschooler Events planned at this moment in time.