After School Club

After school clubs will be running on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Staring the season with 'Miracle catchers' in the spring, to witnessing the fast growth of the Summer during 'Growing from the Ground up', all the way to the  autumn with its abundance on the 'Harvest Season'.

'Harvest Season' groups are available for booking now.

During the course of 7 weeks of Autumn abundance of all colours, shapes and flavours, and glorious sunshine we will be:

- Harvesting, tasting and learning about different varieties of apples and squash.
- Forage and taste wild super foods, like blackberries, slaws, hazel and walnuts.
- Harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed salads, runner and courgettes, as well as Autumn Bliss raspberries, pak choi, and different varieties of Brassica salad leaves.
- Sowing Winter/ and early Spring crops in the polytunnel.
- Looking after our chickens, and explore wild life as well as different medicinal herbs/ weeds, and flowers around the farm, and in the forest garden
- Discover some trees in our farm, and observe their fruits rapidly grow with the help of the glorious summer warmth every week.
- Practicing traditional food preserving techniques, pickling, drying and fermenting.
- A visit to Bickham Farm to learn about their turkeys and crops.

Very limited number per group is available so make sure you book a place well in advance so you don't miss out on our summer Season abundance. Places available are per child, siblings under 2 are welcome to join us for free.




There are no upcoming events yet, please check back soon.